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The New Apothecary's Cabinet I

This devised interactive art installation focuses on investigating how the individual can self-care as a part of their everyday life, embracing nature connections through the natural landscape, plants, flowers and mineral resources. It interrogates how an individual can boost their own immune system in relation to specific respiratory system problems, such as, the common cold, flu, throat infections, sinusitis, bronchitis, asthma, catarrh and chest infections, including how a cultural experience of contemplation affords a positive health experience for the individual in enabling an immune system boost. This 1950s vintage German pressed glass ‘Gerrix’ serves as Nature’s medicine chest and Nature’s table, and as a provocation to the individual towards a culture of prevention, so that it becomes ‘second nature’. It is a visual index of Nature’s medicinal, natural ingredients, where the viewer is invited to engage their senses, including smell, taste, sound and touch, and to explore the possibilities of self-help and self-care. Whether it is walking in the landscape, breathing in lots of outside fresh air and contemplating ‘the view’ as in an ‘artwork’; eating a diet that avoids mucus-forming foods, is low in sugars and carbohydrates, or safely using herbal remedies, crystals and essential oils. Through nature connections, stress can be relieved and mental health can be supported, particularly in terms of improving focus, concentration, calming the mind and lowering blood pressure.


‘The New Apothecary’s Cabinet II’, of Mind-Body-Spirit, invites you to be creative, to smile and laugh, to experience some feel-good moments in your day. In order to improve and maintain your health, why not explore and experiment with the 24 drawers of this Cabinet, to connect, be active, be curious, learn and give. By incorporating these five simple steps into daily life to fortify mental health and to contribute to a more productive and fulfilling life, there are health gains within the sensory experiences of all drawers to enrich life, bring support, feel good, maintain mobility, appreciate what matters in life, feel satisfied with confidence boosted and the rewards of helping others to be happy within the community. Let Nature’s natural healing process revive and restore your mind and body; in smells, tastes, listening, touching and new ways of seeing: ‘Happiness resides not in possessions, and not in gold, happiness dwells in the soul.’ Democritus                   


Citation: ‘The New Apothecary’s Cabinet 1’, 2015

‘The exhibit engaged my spirit with the quotations and written notes, and was beautiful to the eye – bringing me in to explore more of its multitude of messages and dimensions…the use of art is physical, mental and touches a range of modalities, therefore, somewhere and somehow wriggling into spaces of human awareness that the other means like talking and lecturing just cannot. I think the exhibition should be lodged in the Natural History Museum and the Chelsea Physic Gardens, or other places where people can peruse at leisure…and be drawn in through a range of pathways taking us back to the source of life'.                                                                                                   

Jo Roberts, Chief Executive Officer with Wilderness Foundation, UK, 2015.

The New Apothecary's Cabinet II

‘The New Apothecary’s Cabinet @Derby University’s Nature Connections - full of interesting things to see, hear and do’,
Chris Packham, BBC Television Presenter, Naturalist and Photographer, Twitter, September 12, 2015.

‘A fascinating cabinet of curiosities’, ‘Our wellbeing is improved with nature connections’,
Chris Packham, Nature Connections Festival, University of Derby, September 12, 2015.

‘I think that it is fabulous. What I find really interesting is that the labels on the drawers relate to all of us. We can all interpret them in our own way. I’ve just opened the ‘Feel Good Moment’, which is coffee and beautiful little cups, and it is perfect, absolutely perfect. I think that it is a wonderful idea; I find it very inspirational.’
Kathryn Wiles, September 2015.
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The New Apothecary's Cabinet I, March 2015